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Hittown, located in Ankara's Yeni Batı Mahallesi; You can feel at home from the first moment you step in. Different from many projects in Ankara with its location, it creates a pleasant and serene environment in the city but completely isolated from the city
586 flats and 6 types of flats as 1+1, 1.5+1, 2+1, 2,5+1, 3,5+1 and 4,5+1 flat options, each offering unique living spaces in a total of 4 blocks. It appeals to different tastes with 62 street stores.
It makes a difference from the others with the feature of the only project where both the calmness, the shopping opportunity and the transportation being so easy. With Atatürk Olympic Park right next to it, you can spend your time away from road noise, in a quiet and peaceful living environment surrounded by nature, or at a point where transportation and shopping are so easy. Located next to Istanbul Yolu Metro Station, the project is an ideal housing project for both investment and living.

While the apartments make a difference ;

While the apartments make a difference ;

with their original and boutique architecture with their design, they also offer the best opportunities with their wide living spaces, beautiful view on every facade and useful structures.Regardless of the size of the flat you will live in, every square meter is designed for a convenient and peaceful life. The colors have been chosen in a way that can be suitable for all your belongings and from peaceful tones. Glass rising from the ground was used to watch Ankara comfortably. Living spaces have been created in a way that will be safer and warmer since there are short walls on the wide balconies instead of glass all the way to the ground. In the project, which is located at the exit door of the metro stop, you will be able to easily reach everything you need by walking around the street stores before entering your home. When you need a bigger shopping center, you will be able to reach Nata Delta AVM right next to you in a few steps.In the project, which has two site entrances; You will be able to enter the main guardhouse for your car passes, and for pedestrians using the metro, you will be able to enter the metro safely with a card system.
Life started in 2016 with playgrounds where you can have fun and enjoyment with your children around a natural ornamental pool in a large landscape, walking tracks when you want to take a walk in the fresh air, sitting areas where you can relax by the pool, indoor fitness center and outdoor parking lot services.

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Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı Yeni Batı Mahallesi
No: 642 Yenimahalle – ANKARA
P: 0850 532 0 448 - 0850 532 0 HİT
P: 0312 280 00 56
M: info@hityapi.com